Yantai Ansin Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Ansin Precision

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  Yantai Ansin Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Chinese beautiful coastal city of Yantai, was established in 2003, it is a professional manufacturer of automotive components company, is internationally renowned companies DENSO, DELPHI and domestic famous enterprises trust of outstanding providers. Companies registered capital of 75 million, an area of ​​8,000 square meters, two 22,000 square meters under construction.
  The company mainly produces automotive air-conditioning compressor valve plate, the valve sheet, VCT automobile engine parts, accounting for more than China car air conditioner compressor in the high-end market share of 60%. With precision molds, precision stamping, precision grinding, precision welding, tumbling and precision machined core production technology. Existing high-precision fine blanking, CNC double end grinder, CNC lathes and machining centers, advanced production and testing equipment more than 200 Taiwan, with precision stamping punch 20 million / year, Precision Grinding 12 million / year, Precision machine plus 6 million / year production capacity.
  Yantai EMC will work closely with customers to manufacture products with the vitality in the future, to further strengthen the R & D team, develop high-quality workforce, a sound scientific management mechanism, customers around the world achieve development goals.