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Production equipment

  The company master the precision stamping, precision grinding and machining, precision welding and other appropriate technology, related composite technology products have more than 70 kinds to the market, and there are more than 20 products under development research.
  Stamping production line using proprietary precision punching machine and die, the product of high precision plane, stamping R angle is small, good cross-section. The existing 10T, 100T, 160T, 325T and other tonnage stamping equipment, can produce various thickness 0.15mm to 6mm stamping parts.

  Grinding production line with first-class domestic and foreign CNC grinding equipment, technology is mature, engineering capacity and stability, to meet a variety of flat-panel, mandrel products grinding, grinding process by DENSO, MAHLE and other well-known enterprises recognized.
  Machining production line extensive use of the United States Haas, Japan awesome domestic and foreign advanced processing centers and CNC lathes, production process stability, product size consistency.
  The precision welding production line established by the technical guidance of Denso Corporation has reached the advanced level in Japan with the welding technology. At present, the products cover the accumulator, oil separator, marine container liquid receiver and oil separator.