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Property warmer led to the air-conditioning industry warmer compressors intensive production scheduling

Air conditioning compressors vulnerable to voltage, cooling system conditions, in poor use of the environment, the compressor is easy to burn. As the highest cost components of air conditioners, compressor protection technology has become an important issue that must be concerned in the field of air conditioning technology.
In the existing compressor protection technology is the most used current transformer or temperature sensor detection technology, the former is the use of current transformer sensing the main circuit of the compressor current through the current detected compressor current, when the current exceeds Set value, the main circuit through the control of the software to protect the compressor, the current transformer can be installed in indoor or outdoor unit; temperature sensor detection technology is installed on the compressor surface temperature sensor, the compressor through the detection Temperature to protect the compressor, the compressor coil in the internal, the surface temperature difference between the outside and the far, temperature measurement error is greater, in an instantaneous over-current, the protection effect is not satisfactory. The above two technologies require SCM control, and one or two connecting cables are added between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit, resulting in higher manufacturing costs.
From the relevant experiments found that the compressor burned often appear in the absence of refrigerant and in harsh working conditions, the compressor coil temperature and intake pressure, the number of refrigerants. This article mainly discusses the commonly used air conditioner indoor unit software, the same hardware, the use of pressure switch as a pressure detection device in the outdoor unit of idle space to increase a test of electronic control panel, through the compressor pressure detection Compressor overload protection. With this solution, there is no need to change the original air conditioner circuit, versatility, can be applied to different types of air conditioners, and indoor unit without change.