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Air conditioning: the noise is too large and how to solve the problem

Air conditioning noise how to solve? Air conditioning noise from the air conditioner operation issued by the mechanical vibration sound and air flow sound, that is, when the internal components of the air-conditioning work noise emitted by their own components and the noise emitted by the components and fan blades generated by the rotation of air vortex issued sound. So what is the cause of air conditioning noise?
Air conditioning panel loose
When the air conditioners are used for a long period of time, the air conditioner panel can easily become loose due to various reasons. Thus, vibration caused by the operation of the air conditioner causes the panels to rub against each other and cause noise.
Indoor air-conditioning installation is not stable
The installation of air-conditioning indoor unit connected with the outdoor unit also affect the timing of use of air conditioning and noise. If the indoor unit is not stable enough to be installed, when the outdoor unit is operating, the copper pipe is connected to the indoor unit. When the indoor unit is not stable enough, it will be affected by the compressor, causing the indoor unit to resonate.
Air conditioning compressor This is also one of the sources of air conditioning noise, compressor noise is too large, will also affect our normal user's use and rest.
Large air-conditioning noise how to do: When the air-conditioning noise can ask the maintenance staff to check the overall condition of air-conditioning, strengthening the basis of fan vibration, replacement of failed shock absorber, check the fan impeller, bearings, balance, if damaged in time Repair or replace. Air flow in the use of reducing the wind speed to avoid excessive regulation, it will effectively solve the noise problem of air conditioning.