Air Conditioning: What Causes Excessive Noise and How to Solve It

How to solve the loud air conditioner noise? The noise of the air conditioner comes from the mechanical vibration and airflow sound when the air conditioner is in operation, that is, the noise emitted by the various components inside the air conditioner when they are working, the noise generated by the interaction between components and the air vortex generated when the fan blades rotate. sound. So what is the reason for the excessive noise of the air conditioner?

The air conditioner panel is loose

After using the air conditioner for a long time, the panel of the air conditioner is easy to loosen due to various reasons. In this way, the vibration generated during the operation of the air conditioner will cause the panels to rub against each other, resulting in noise.

The installation of the indoor unit of the air conditioner is unstable

The installation of the indoor unit of the air conditioner and the connection of the outdoor unit also affect the timing and noise of the air conditioner. If the installation of the indoor unit is not stable enough, when the outdoor unit is running, the copper pipe is connected to the indoor unit. If the indoor unit is not stable enough, it will be affected by the compressor, which will cause the indoor unit to resonate.


The air conditioner compressor is also one of the sources of air conditioner noise. The excessive noise level of the compressor will also affect the use and rest of our normal users.

What to do if the air conditioner is noisy: When the air conditioner is noisy, you can ask the maintenance personnel to check the overall condition of the air conditioner, strengthen the fan vibration reduction foundation, replace the failed shock absorber, check the impeller, bearing, and balance of the fan, and if there is any damage, promptly Repair or replace. Reduce the wind speed of the air supply during use and avoid excessive wind speed adjustment, which will effectively solve the noise problem of the air conditioner.