Make the production of auto parts more intelligent and "accelerate" towards the manufacturing heights

Recently, Changsha's automobile and parts industry once again spread "good news": Hunan Automobile Manufacturing Supporting Industrial Park (Changsha) landed in Changsha Free Trade Airport Zone. The industrial park will focus on building an important auto parts Silicon Valley in the central region and a core area of the auto parts industry in Hunan Province, and strive to achieve an operating income of over 40 billion yuan in auto parts manufacturing in the park by 2025.

CITIC Dicastal is the largest aluminum wheel manufacturer in the world. In 2017, CITIC Dicastal's southern intelligent manufacturing base project "joined hands" Changsha Wangcheng, planning to build two industrial parks for wheels and castings, and planned to achieve double tens of billions in sales.
This year was an important step for CITIC Dicastal, because later facts proved that Changsha Dicastal was the one with the fastest construction and development speed among the 28 Dicastal production bases in the world, and has now become the world's largest single wheel industry garden. This year is also a crucial step for Wu Youbing. With rich industry experience, he joined the company at this time and witnessed the whole process of the construction and commissioning of the industrial park.
"I still remember that when I first came here, I saw a piece of loess and work sheds. Now it is a scene of thriving industries." Wu Youbing still remembers that the first phase of the project started in January 2017. In July of the same year, a road with an annual output of 3 million wheels The production line of the company was successfully completed, and the first wheel hub was rolled off the production line smoothly, creating a "Dicastal speed" of "the planning, design, construction, production, and profit of the year."
"Last year, the fourth phase of construction took only 93 days from start to production, refreshing our own record of 'Decaster speed'." In Wu Youbing's view, "Dicastal speed" cannot be separated from Changsha, Wangcheng and Wangcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone The strong support of Changsha, the approval of "green channels" and the time-saving and worry-free "nanny-style" services fully reflect Changsha's excellent business environment, pragmatic service awareness and strong production factor support capabilities.
CITIC Dicastal has been in Changsha for 6 years, and has built a production capacity of 12 million wheels. It will reach full production this year, and its sales revenue is expected to reach 5 billion yuan.